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Monday, February 7, 2011

xap File and WMAppManifest file

Before start reading this just read my starting post on Windows 7 mobile applications.

.xap (read as xaap) file is the compressed output file for the Silverlight application. when we compile a silverlight application xap file will created. xap file includes AppManifest.xaml, dll files and any other resource files referred by the Silverlight application. xap is created in the path \bin\Debug directory of Visual Studio Project.

For Windows mobile applications xap file deployed to the phone or phone emulator. The xap is a package of other files, in ZIP format. If you rename .xap to .zip, you can look inside. You’ll see several bitmap files that are part of the project, an XML file, a XAML file, and a dll file, which is the compiled binary of your program.

Files in compressed xap are shown below image, Please click the image to extend


The WMAppManifest or WindowsPhoneManifest is an XML file, will generate for windows phone applications. By this xml file application can understand application start page, background image, application icon, title etc. Find the structure of WMAppManifest below.

Click image to expand,

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