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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Knockout or AngularJS?

After reading my series of blog in AngularJS one of my friends asked me a good question , which framework do I prefer, Knockout.js or AngularJS?. Infact nearly one and half years before I have given a training to those guys on Knockout.js and I am happy for they did few applications in Knockout after my session. So he is the right person to ask me this question :). I would like to answer his question in very few words but total conclusion of entire story.

Knockout and AngularJS are attempting to solve two different problems. Knockout is an MVVM binding framework but AngularJS is an MV* framework which you can do SPA appications. 

Knockout is simply a data binding framework. But Angular is much much more than just data binding. Angular also offers routing/navigation support, the async module loading (AMD) pattern, services for working with network calls like REST services and much more...

If you need just data binding then go for Knockout but if you need a fully fledged SPA application then go for AngularJS.

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